Reconstructing Neolithic Houses

As you may have heard, English Heritage have plans to include reconstructions of Neolithic ‘houses’, based on the excavations at Durrington Walls by the Stonehenge Riverside Project, as part of the new visitor centre at Airman’s Corner. The first phase of this is now under way, with the Ancient Technology Centre building prototypes at Old Sarum near Salisbury.

This week a team of volunteers has begun to coppice hazel to use in the construction of the houses. They’ve also had chance to use flint tools to help them appreciate how the task was undertaken in the Neolithic. There is of course a blog, where you can keep up with events as they happen:


'House' platform, Western Enclosure of Durrington Walls (used by permission)
‘House’ platform, Western Enclosure of Durrington Walls (used by permission)

Here is one of the house platforms discovered by the Stonehenge Riverside Project. The extent of the house is defined by a shallow gully, and there is a hearth in the centre.


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