Recent papers

There are a couple of recently published papers which might be of interest. Both relate to Ireland

Killian Driscoll’s paper details a study of lithics in County Galway. In an area renowned for the number of stone axes found and the presence of monuments, the author undertook fieldwalking in an attempt to ascertain the extent of material culture. The survey resulted in an assemblage of 800 pieces, mostly worked Chert. Full details can be found in the paper:

Coastal communities in earlier prehistoric Ireland: ploughzone survey and the Tawin/Maree stone axes, Galway Bay. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 2012 Vol. 113C, 1-37.

Meriel McClatchie and colleagues have published the results of work undertaken as part of the “Cultivating Societies” project ( The project collated and analysed plant data from 52 sites in Ireland and represents the most comprehensive study of its kind. The team report some important findings, particularly with respect to the onset on agriculture and the practice of farming in Early Neolithic Ireland.  Full details can be found in the paper:

McClatchie, M., et al., Neolithic farming in north-western Europe: archaeobotanical evidence fromIreland, Journal of Archaeological Science (2012), 1-10.

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