Julian Thomas’ excavation at Dorstone Hill – update

Hot on the heels of finding a range of artefacts that included polished stone axes and an awl, the team led by Prof Julian Thomas and Dr Keith Ray has come up trumps. Their excavations at Dorstone Hill have revealed the remains of a pair of built structures underneath long mounds thought to be burial chambers.

Areas of burnt clay revealed during excavation
Areas of burnt clay revealed during excavation

The remains of the structures show preserved details of their construction which have been seen in other timber buildings of the Neolithic. There were upright posts with what are thought to be internal divisions, partitioning the building into ‘rooms’. However, it is still to early to say what these may have been used for.

The team are delighted with the finds, and you can catch Prof Thomas talking about the excavation on R4 Today:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b037hf0q


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