How and why did Britain become Neolithic?

On January 8th the Royal Archaeological Institute are holding a debate between of the leading lights in British Neolithic archaeology.

Dr Alison SheridanProfessor Julian Thomas and Professor Alasdair Whittle have been invited to  debate that most thorny of issues “How and why did Britain become Neolithic?

Of course, members of such groups as the Neolithic Studies Group (NSG) will be aware of the issues and questions raised by the subject of the debate. With a fundamental change of lifestyles and settlement, the Neolithic sees perhaps some of the most important transformations to have occurred in the history of these islands. For example, hunting and gathering played an decreasingly significant part in food procurement as farming was adopted, pottery was introduced and the lithics technologies changed. Were these changes brought to these islands by incoming farmers from the Continent, where farming had been already been practised for many centuries, or did the indigenous communities spontaneously decide to take up a new way of life?

These issues will be debated by three of the leading specialists of this period will air their views at the Royal Archaeological Institute in the rooms of the Society of Antiquaries of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London. The event begins at 4.30 with tea and this is followed by the main event at 5 p.m.

Members are welcome to bring a guest to lectures. Non members are welcome to attend lectures but should contact the Administrator in advance by email (admin(at)*
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