Conference notice – Stepping Stones

The Stepping Stones to the Neolithic Project has just announced details a conference to be held in June 2013.

“The aim of this conference is to explore the archaeological relationship (material, social, cultural) between the areas we now call Britain and Ireland, and continental Europe, throughout prehistory – from the Lower Palaeolithic through to the late Iron Age. In approaching this subject in the very long-term, and by bringing a variety of very different perspectives to bear on it, we hope to provide a new synthesis of the ebbs and flows of this cross-channel relationship, enabling fresh understandings and new insights about the intimately linked trajectories of change in both regions to emerge.” (

Speakers include Dr Serge Cassen (University of Nantes), Dr Ben Roberts (University of Durham), Prof Chris Scarre (University of Durham), Dr Alison Sheridan (National Museums Scotland) and Dr Graeme Warren (University College Dublin).

Full details can be found on the University of Liverpool link above.

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